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“RentSpree has really made my life easier when it comes to managing leasing transactions. RentSpree has a very user-friendly interface, it`s so much simpler and the quality of their reports is much better than its competitors. I also like that the tenant pays the fees online, so we don`t have to deal with collecting paper checks or any of the other online payment services. RentSpree also has excellent customer service. When it comes to rental transactions, getting a complete application package is not the easiest process. In addition to the application itself, you will need to charge a pre-selection fee and make a credit to a third party. That`s where RentSpree comes in. We take a manual process and make it automated and paperless. The best part is that RentSpree is available for free for zipLogix users™. Once you have an applicant, enter their email address to RentSpree and they can send you a completed application package in one step. A new form has been added to the New Jersey RealTor® Form Library: Form 141, Contract to Purchase Vacant Single Family Homes.

Below are features included for free for all New York members in New Jersey: New Jersey REALTORS offers®® Form #117 as a member benefit. This is not a mandatory form, but it is an easy way to comply with the 2019 Code of Ethics, Standard of Practice 1-7, which requires a listing broker, upon written request from a cooperating broker who has submitted an offer, “must provide the cooperating broker with written confirmation that the offer has been submitted to the seller or landlord, or a written notice, that the seller/owner has waived the obligation to have the offer submitted. You are free to choose the form or manner in which you provide such written confirmation or notification, by e.B. by e-mail, SMS or otherwise. There`s a new addendum to the New Jersey Realtor® Independent Contractor Agreement, Form #134, regarding teams. This addendum is available in our forms library as a member benefit if your brokerage team allows it. This is not a mandatory form. Complete the Zipform residential rental agreement in a matter of moments by simply following the recommendations below: If you paid separately for Form Simplicity, it will remain available for the rest of your upgrade period.

Submit your Zipform residential tenancy agreement in a digital form right after you finish filling it out. Your data is well protected because we adhere to the latest security standards. Join many lucky users who are already filling out legal templates directly from home. zipForm Plus is now the only online forms platform offered by NJ REALTORS® and is available to all members at no additional cost. The Simplicity form is no longer available as a benefit to members as of December 31, 2015. Produced with zipForm® by zipLogix 18070 Fifteen Mile Road, Fraser, Michigan. Seller. zipForm Plus works on Windows/Mac and most modern browsers, including Edge (Windows 10), Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (IE9+).

It works immediately after unpacking without the need for additional plugins or software (no Adobe Reader plugins required). We strive to provide the best programs and services to our members. At the 2015 Annual Meeting of the National Association of Realtors®, nar`s management announced an exciting new partnership with zipForm, a real estate agent-owned® company, to offer its forms platform as a free benefit to NAR`s 1.1 million members. In the same way that you signed up for the forms, you will continue to do so. Log in to your account at and click on the “Online Forms” button on our homepage, then select zipForm Plus. 3.6 Use Java as a language for expressions; 3.7 Use of Groovy as a language. It`s. The law requires a licensee to provide the owner with a copy of a summary of New Jersey`s Anti-Discrimination Act N.J.S.A. 10:5-1 et seq. – commonly referred to as the Attorney General`s Memorandum – at the time of listing real estate. The purpose of the memorandum is to assist owners and licensees in complying with New Jersey Anti-Discrimination Act and federal laws that prohibit discrimination in the sale or rental of real estate. The Attorney General`s Memorandum outlines New Jersey`s Anti-Discrimination Act to ensure equal housing opportunity for all.

New Jersey landowners need to be aware of federal and state anti-discrimination laws, regardless of residential or commercial purposes. Discover all the benefits of filing and completing legal documents online. Using our Fulfill Zipform Residential Rental Agreement service only takes a few minutes. We make this possible by giving you access to our feature-rich editor, which efficiently converts/repairs the original text of a document, adds unique boxes and signs it electronically. The tenant agrees to pay 2 months` rent as a deposit. . of the State (form C.A.R. .